Mindfulness for Health Care Professionals

Discover tools for enhanced focus, Balance & Empathetic Presence

Our Mindfulness for Health Care Providers program is designed to offer physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and other care professionals practical techniques to enhance focus and resilience, and to cultivate an engaged and compassionate clinical practice. Mindful Living NY workshops combine mindfulness practices with communication exercises from the Appreciative Inquiry approach to individual and organizational change. Studies among primary care physicians show that this methodology has resulted in significant improvements in personal wellbeing and relationship-centered qualities of care.

The strain of dealing extensively with other human beings, particularly those in medical or emotional distress, often leads to states of chronic stress that can affect not only health care professionals but their patients as well. By developing mindfulness skills, health care professionals learn concrete and accessible tools for managing personal and professional challenges, critical methods for self-care, and an enhanced ability to be present and focused during the therapeutic relationship.


Participants will develop:

  • Increased focus, mental clarity and presence in the here and now

  • Practical skills for coping with daily personal and professional challenges

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence competencies and interpersonal effectiveness

  • Greater resilience, sustainable well-being, and sense of compassion

  • Heightened awareness of body/mind connections and new tools for self-care

  • The building blocks of a mindfulness practice that can be accessed in the therapeutic encounter

Program Content

Our workshops offer conceptual and experiential training in Mindfulness designed specifically to meet the needs of health care providers and include:

  • A definition of Mindfulness and how it works

  • Guided instruction in simple meditation exercises, including gentle stretching that can be performed in the work environment

  • Information on the mechanisms of human attention and perception, the physiological and psychological components of the stress reaction, and relevant neuroscience research

  • Techniques to identify key internal stressors

  • Reflections and exercises to enhance emotional intelligence skills,

  • Group dialogue and communication exercises to strengthen interpersonal skills

  • Practical tools to incorporate mindful awareness in specific work related and daily activities

  • Home practice materials, including guided recordings and handouts

This training qualifies as prerequisite for educators interested in training to teach mindfulness curriculums designed for students including Mindful Schools, Mindfulness in Schools Project, (MiSP), Learning to Breathe (L2B) and others.

For more information about MLNY workshops for Health Care professionals

Please e-mail MindfulLivingNY@gmail.com, or call 914-584-2717