Integrative Counseling  

Laurence Magro is dedicated to establishing caring and respectful relationships with her patients, attending to the needs of each client as whole person—body, mind and spirit. She helps her patients draw on their existing inner resources in order to promote healing and transformation.

Laurence Magro uses well-designed and tested pathways and techniques for the development and application of mindfulness towards insight and self compassion.

Her methods incorporate evidence-based cognitive-behavioral approaches to psychotherapy as well as current mind/body methodologies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Somatic Experiencing. These approaches are supported by the growing scientific study of the brain’s vast capabilities and potential for learning, growth and healing.

Mindfulness Training for Wellness and Resilience

Laurence Magro offers individual training in Mindfulness practices. Her  structured and sequential approach introduces her clients to  mindfulness  practices in a format that can accommodate busy and unpredictable work schedules.  Clients learn at their own rhythm practical tools that they can  integrate into their daily personal and professional life. 

For more information about Individual Integrative Counseling & mindfulness Training.

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