Managing Pain

Mindfulness techniques to soothe the brains pain network, both physically and emotionally.

 “Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.” 
- Buddha

Science has long understood the profound impact our emotions have over our bodies in the healing process, and in particular, how they can affect our perception of pain.  Positive, calming emotions can release healing chemicals which restore and heal, while negative, angry, fearful or sad emotions can do just the reverse, causing the release “fight or flight” chemicals our bodies and increasing constriction and muscle tightness.

We can actually learn through specific body/mind techniques to lessen the grip of our thoughts and feelings, bring ourselves into the present moment, and relate differently to the pain sensations. This process can be profoundly healing and life changing.


Laurence Magro takes students on a journey of discovery and healing with practices that integrate the 20+ years of research by Jon Kabat-Zinn and colleagues at the Center for Mindfulness. This approach has helped thousands of people to use the power of mindfulness to skillfully navigate pain and illness and return to full and meaningful lives. 


  • Participants will learn to identify the differences between thoughts and pain sensations
  • By understanding and practicing coping strategies, students can choose rather than "reacting" which prolongs suffering, they can "respond" to alleviate pain for a more full and peaceful life.

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