Mindfulness or Mindful Awareness

What is it?

Mindfulness or Mindful Awareness is a particular quality or mode of attention that allows us to access a powerful connection to our experience in the here and now, to be deeply aware of what is happening both within ourselves and in our surrounding environment, and to practice an open-minded and accepting approach to life.

Our thoughts and emotions follow long established repetitive and reactive patterns, which often draw us into ruminations about the past and preoccupations about the future.  Mindfulness can help us counter these strong tendencies of the mind, allowing us to step out of automatic pilot and to respond to internal and external challenges with a welcoming, curious and gentle attitude that brings greater emotional balance and mental clarity. Mindfulness practice leads to more stability, resilience and efficacy in our daily life.


Techniques/Tools of Minfulness training

The ability to be aware is an innate/natural human capacity that can be strengthened with practice and skilled guidance. Training the mind through repetitive attentional exercises to increase concentration and equanimity is similar to the way we train the body at the gym to increase structural strength and flexibility. Formal and informal practices help strengthen awareness of mind/body connections and enhance emotional regulation.

Mindful Living NY offers techniques and interventions that integrate the universal teachings of eastern contemplative practices with western techniques from cognitive and organizational psychology. These methods cultivate essential human qualities such as attentive observation, open curiosity, and presence that lead to better understanding and compassion toward the self and others.


Some of the benefits of Mindfulness techniques

  • Improved concentration, focus and mental clarity in the present moment

  • Greater ability to sustain health and wellbeing

  • Increased empathy and ability to understand others through attentive listening and communication skills

  • Enhanced efficiency and capacity to respond to challenging situations and make wise decisions

  • Heightened awareness of purpose and appreciation for life