Mindfulness Meditation

This simple form of meditation that was little known in the West until fairly recently. Sitting quietly, with eyes gently closed, we focus our full attention on our breath as it flows in and out of our body. Determined to simply sit and allow this process for just a few minutes at the beginning, and gradually increasing that time over a period of weeks and months allows us to observe our thoughts without "judging them as "good or bad" or putting any labels on them at all.

As we sit quietly, with time and practice, little by little, we can begin go let go of struggling with them.  We come to realize that thoughts come and go, and that they do not define us.  They are simply little "snippets" and as we learn to simply observe as our thoughts appear and disappear, we begin to understand that thoughts and feelings (both "positive" and  "negative") are transient. With this knowledge comes a new way of living; responding, rather than reacting, with a greater sense of purpose and peace.  Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness positively affects brain patterns to reduce anxiety, stress, depression and irritability.

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