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The "Science"

Research has consistently shown that the practice of mindfulness can help people reduce their stress levels in all areas of life. The field of neuroscience has also demonstrated that mindfulness can strengthen key areas of the brain associated with positive emotions while decreasing areas of the brain associated with the stress activation system of “fight, flight, or freeze.”

The Mindful Revolution
Published:  Time Magazine, February 2014

Exercising the Mind to treat Attention Deficits by Daniel Goleman

Easing anxiety with meditation
Published: Science Daily, June 2013

Mindfulness approaches to pain management

When caregivers need healing
Published: The New York Times July 28, 2014,

Developing Mindful Leaders
Published: Harvard Business Review Dec 30, 2011

Articles about the "Science"

Following is a short selection of papers from the ever-expanding list of scientific studies on the potential impact of Mindfulness practices on behavior as well as physical and mental health and healing.

For an extensive list:

Published by: Nillson, Bulow & Kazembi & al., 2015

Hodge, Bui & al., 2013

Brain and Immune function:
(PDF sent separately)
Published by: Davidson, Kabat-Zinn & al., 2003
Psychosomatic Medicine 65:564–570

Published by: Luken , Sammons, 2016

Published by: Eyles, Leydon & al., 2015

Published by: Williams, Crane & al., 2013

Chronic Pain
Published by: Gordon, Shonin, Dunn, & al., 2016

Job Performance
Published by: King & Haar, 2017

Pain Relief
Published by: Zeidan and Vago, 2016

Published by: Parent, Mc Kee & al., 2016

Post Traumatic Stress
Published by: Stephenson, Simpson & al., 2016

Primary Care
Published by: Demarzo, Montero--Merin, & al., 2015

Published by: Hulsheger, Feinholdt, & al,. 2015

I invite you to take a moment to watch Jon Kabat-Zinn's video on The Science of Mindfulness